Free Second Opinions

At Hudsonville Family Dentistry, we understand there are times where it would be helpful to have a second opinion. We offer free second opinion consultations because we care about the community we serve and we want you to feel comfortable with your dental care.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure about your condition or the treatment recommended for you, give us a call. It is our goal to help you feel comfortable with whatever treatment will best serve your long term needs.

Dental treatment recommendations can vary dentist to dentist based upon several factors such as specific training, technology, and the philosophy of the dentist.  During the free second opinion consultation with us, we will look at your specific condition, review your x-rays, and listen to your thoughts and concerns.  We will then offer our professional opinion of the treatment options that we feel will best serve your oral and overall health needs.  

After that, it is up to you - our free second opinion comes with no obligation.  It is our hope that we have either helped you become more comfortable with your diagnosis and treatment so that you may return to your previous dentist with confidence, or that you enjoyed the care and expertise provided to you during your visit and would like to proceed with our recommended treatment.