Patient Testimonials

Hudsonville Family Dentistry - this small space is not large enough to express how much our family appreciates the work you do and, more importantly, the way you do it.  There is a special joyful spirit present in each of you - which makes your office full of that same spirit.  Thank you for being a "light" in our community!  

With Much Gratitude,

The DeBoer Family

I very highly recommend Dr. Lubbers. He has an outstanding ability to make his patients feel cared for and comfortable. He is the only dentist my wife has never been nervous to have work on her! Dr. Lubbers has provided our dental care for the last 3 years and we are very pleased with him.

Dr. Lubbers is a perfectionist and REALLY loves dentistry and it shows in the quality of his work. He has done numerous crowns and fillings on me and his work has been flawless and he is VERY careful to make sure his work is painless to the patient. He also ALWAYS takes the time to answer ALL of my questions as well. Dr.Lubbers is everything s dentist should be!

Jim A.

I would like to thank Dr. Lubbers for his care during the time I lost my two front teeth. He followed the process through surgery and bone grafting with the oral surgeon, fitting me with a partial during the healing process, and finally installing implants. Dr. Lubbers was on time at every stage. He also took the time to make sure I was comfortable while his work was done exactly right in a clean and professional environment. I would high recommend Dr. Lubbers as a person who truly cares for his patients.

Glenn Niezink

Dear Dr. Lubbers,
I was with my previous dentist for over 35 years, and when he retired, I didn't think I would be able to find anyone that I could have the same level of trust in - I was wrong!

I wanted to find a dentist close to home, so when I saw your ad, I called and the front office was so accommodating and made an appointment within a few days for routine x-rays and teeth cleaning. A few weeks later I had a tooth crowned.

Dr. Lubbers, you have set a standard of care and professionalism for your practice that is seen in each staff member I have met.

I certainly wish you well at your new location, and will gladly recommend you to anyone that is looking for dental services.
Sincerely yours, DVT

Dear Dr. Lubbers, Dr. Mackus and Team,

I just wanted to tell you all that despite a rotten "fear" of the dentist, I really have enjoyed our visits to your office!! It is because of the positive energy in each one of the staff and I feel you all truly care about my family and our smiles. I am so happy I did not procrastinate about calling your office!

Thanks! Jillian Putman & Chris, Sophia & Vienna